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“Working with TECHNEDs has proved to be an invaluable experience.  When running a business, there are a number of important reflection points that can dramatically affect both growth and development, having TECHNEDs involved has really helped us negotiate those points and build a plan that’s proven to be highly successful. The value and development started in the early stages of the company, TECHNEDs were able to help us build a sustainable plan that’s developed and evolved with the business,  they have provided us with executive support, sales and marketing strategy, operational streamlining, cashflow, access to some very influential customers, and, an ability to trade between group companies.  In summary,TECHNEDs has helped us achieve a level of growth and development that would have been unthinkable at inception,  we are on this journey together, and extremely confident of the outcome.”

Kerry Peters (Commercial Director)


“Without the mentoring from TECHNEDs then ITO24x7 would not have succeeded with our growth plans. We are now expanding rapidly whilst maintaining an excellent Quality of Service for our customers who are based all around the world. TECHNEDs have provided outstanding pro-active strategic support and continue to play an integral part in the continuation of our journey”

Dimitry Litovchin (Operations Director)


“Working with TECHNEDs has been a phenomenal business experience both personally and for ITSB so far. Although we are still at the early stages of our journey the transition and developments we’ve taken in four months have been monumental not only in positioning the business ready for the planned growth but in terms of managing our mindset as an IT company.

The invaluable experience of the TECHNEDs team has helped us analyze all work streams within the business to ensure that the processes, reporting and structure are considered in great detail and that the business has a plan that it can act upon and deliver with clear goals and values defined as part of the plan.

On a personal level as CEO of the business I’m a keen advocate of personal development and challenging myself and my team. Working with TECHNEDs has provided me with some of the greatest challenges and developments in my own career to date and I relish the opportunities that I face on our journey as a company.”

Lee Dredge (CEO)

IT Support Business

“We worked with Simon Mewett in our portfolio company Gradwell Communications, a provider of VoIP Telco and Cloud business services to small businesses. The business was growing and generating good profitability, but we felt that it needed some reinvigoration.

Simon, owner of TECHNEDs, became CEO of Gradwell in February. Simon got to grips with the business rapidly and importantly did plenty of listening to both the management team and the staff base. Within a few weeks he brought more alignment within the staff and had a noticeable impact on process improvements and sales through both his own direct input and bringing in colleagues he had worked with before. New CEO’s can have a tendency to act in a top down manner. Simon took the whole business with him in only a few months after arriving resulting in a more energized, efficient and focused company.

During Simon’s tenure, a purchaser came forwards for the business and whilst this had not been the original plan, he made a significant contribution by preparing the business and the staff for an exit, controlling information flow and ensuring that the transaction went smoothly and ultimately was completed. The exit resulted in a 2.7x cash return to Altitude’s first fund.”

Simon White (Partner)

Altitude Partners LLP.